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Essential for You,
Good for the World

We created Good Essentials to meet the needs of today’s woman. But we also wanted to leave a legacy of goodness for our kids and for generations to come. This means making a solemn promise to deliver products that are essential for you and good for the world. This commitment guides and governs everything we do.

A Formula for Good

Proper formulation is critical to our approach. We combine modern medical knowledge and practices with ancient teachings of Eastern medicine and philosophy to create products rooted in the healing power and antiviral properties of natural herbs and oils.

Integrative Beauty

True beauty is never just cosmetic. It exists when there is harmony between the skin, body and mind. Our holistic approach to wellness and beauty combines the ancient herbal wisdom of the East with cutting-edge ingredients of the West. Because when you feel amazing, you look amazing.


Our formulas are free of artificial fragrances, parabens and preservatives.


Nothing we make is tested on animals or features animal by-products. Ever.

Made for All

We designed our products to be used by people of all ages, skin types and needs.


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